The adjuvant-induced rat model of monoarthritis- welfare implications and possible refinement strategies

MS Berke, KSP Abelson

Department of Experimental Medicine, Copenhagen N, Denmark

Scandinavian Journal of Laboratory Animal Science

This study investigated welfare, mechanical hyperalgesia and model specific parameters (mobility, stance, joint stiffness and ambulation impairment) during a three-week period in a rat model of monoarthritis. The objective was to identify possible targets for refinement of the model and consequently improve animal welfare. Monoarthritis was induced in eight male Sprague-Dawley rats by an intra-articular injection of 20 microL Complete Freund

BIOSEB Instruments Used:
Electronic Von Frey 4 (BIO-EVF4),Electronic Von Frey 5 with embedded camera (BIO-EVF5)


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