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Easy to use instrument for mice
Connexion to PC available

    Place Preference Cage

    A standard experimental chamber for automated or manual assessment of conditioned place preference and aversion in rodents...

      Shuttle Boxes

      Ideal environment to carry out conditioned reflexes
      (Active and Passive Avoidance)
      in learning and memory studies

        MAZESOFT-8 software

        Complete and easy-to-use software for monitoring radial maze experiments, using photo-electrical cells technology for animal...

          Open Field

          Open-field test - ARENA ONLY - used to evaluate of animal's basal activity and its evolution for rodents (rats and mice) in...


            Popular test for the investigation of spatial learning and memory

              Passive avoidance

              Fear-motivated tests classically used to assess short-term or long-term memory on small laboratory animals

                Spatial place preference Test

                An experimental chamber developed with the aim to optimise place preference and aversion studies in small laboratory...

                  SHUTAVOID software

                  User-friendly interface to conduct active and passive avoidance procedures in an automated manner