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Reference : BIO-CIS2

A NEW software for increasing the repeatability of nociceptive tests: by recording the reflex respond the software help the operator to improve his skills with the instrument, as well as to invalidate off-limit results. A brand new function also allows you to import all data from a wide range of instruments directly into Excel for further analysis!

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Bioseb BIO-CIS2 is a new software developed to improve the repeatability of reflex nociceptive tests: stimulated pain resistance tests are well known to be highly operator-dependant, and BIO-CIS2, by displaying in real time the force vs time, greatly helps the operator to improve their skills with the instrument.

The operator can use the software in 3 distinctive ways:
• Running a predefined number of trials and later invalidating off-limit results considering the recorded force ramp.
• Following in real time the theoretical ramp on the screen and select on a one to one basis which correct results should be saved.
• Use the data import module to send raw data directly from the instrument to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

icone-oper.gifOperating principle

• After launching a preset or custom protocol, the application waits for values above the start threshold to be received from the sensor.
• As soon as the force value reaches the “Start Threshold”, the corresponding force/time curve is displayed on the screen.
• Measurement will stop when time reaches the “Experiment Duration” set by the operator or if the force value in grams is under the lower threshold defined by the operator.
• When measure stops, the operator can choose to either leave the real curve on the screen or erase the current curve and redo it. The MAX value is automatically stored in a table with day/time and animal/trial id. The table can be exported immediately in xls/txt format.
• Bio-CIS2 also includes the possibility to superimpose all the force ramps to control repeatability.
• Basic fonctions such as load/save trials are included.


Two possibilities are available
• Connecting using the RS232 DB9 standard serial port plug integrated to the computer
• Connecting using a USB Serial Converter: necessary for almost all recent laptop models. Bioseb can provide the adapter upon request.

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