SMALGO: SMall animal ALGOmeter - Wireless

Reference : BIO-SMALGO-WRS

Dedicated to small animals, like mice and rats, Smalgo is a pressure-based analgesimeter designed for easy assessment of sensitivity threshold. It is a must for osteo-arthritis and pain studies. A quick, easy-to-use and reliable instrument to assess threshold sensitivity of the animal when applying a progressive force, which can also be used for drug screening, phenotyping, as well as on studies about neuropathy, inflammation and post-operative pain. Now wireless, to be free from annoying cables!

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Bioseb's SMALGO: SMall animal ALGOmeter - demonstration on a rat
SMall Animal ALGOmeter:
Demonstration on a rat

Bioseb’s SMALGO (SMall animal ALGOmeter) is a new pressure-based analgesimeter especially designed for small animals like rats and mice.

Bioseb’s SMALGO fits on your finger (thumb or index) and allows you to easily apply a force or pressure on the desired location. Designed for OA quantification, it is generally used on the knee joint or on the lumbar vertebrae for low back pain assessment.

The threshold sensitivity of the animal (rats or mice) is quickly and reliably determined by applying a progressive force. The threshold is immediately displayed on the electronic device and can be shown in Grams, Newton, Ibs or Oz.

The instrument is composed of :
• The stimulator unit designed to be attached to the thumb delivered with 3 stimulation tips (3,5 and 8 mm in diameter)
• A new interface table casing: This control unit is now the same as other mechanical pain stimulation instruments from Bioseb (Rodent Pincher, Electronic Von Frey..). This compatibility allows the use of one unit for several instruments (economical solution). Moreover, a new feature is available : the Smalgo is now able to deliver TTL signals for electrophysiology applications.
• The BIO-CIS2 Software for connection to a computer.

icone-oper.gifOperating principle

The operator adjusts the algometer (analgesimeter) to the thumb and applies a progressive pressure to the relevant location on the animal, as if he was applying the pressure directly with his own finger. The operator increases the stimulation until he obtains a reaction from the animal (scream, shudder...) and then stops the stimulation. The maximum force value is automatically saved and displayed on the screen of the instrument.

The sensor provides a capacity of 1500 grams with an accuracy of 0,1%, allowing reliable measurements for a large amount of applications on both rats and mice. It is possible to set an alarm to be triggered when a certain force value is reached, in oder to protect the animal (not overstimulate them) as well as the sensor (not overload it).

You can also connect the Smalgo to our BIO-CIS2 software. There are two ways of using Smalgo with this software :
• The Smalgo can be connected directly to the software during the experiment. BIO-CIS2 will display force curves in real-time during every measurement, which is a great help to ensure repeatability during your stimulations and to validate your data.
• You can also export all measurements stored in the inner memory of the Smalgo after the experiment.
In both cases, you will furthermore be able to export your results to an Excel file.

icone-opt.gifNEW: Wireless

A full range of devices, including the SMALGO now feature our new Wireless technology: thanks to the wireless transmitter on the operator’s wrist, there is no more cable between the electronic unit with the display and the sensors.

This new, wireless technology offers numerous advantages:
• Improved User range of motion : free from annoying cables !
• Flexible setup within the lab : Design your behavior room with fewer limitations
• Get rid of the physical constraints: Focus on your experiment only !

icone-opt.gifSupplied with

• Carrying case, main adaptor 110/220 V
• Control unit and its sensor (cable is 1 meter long)
• 3 sensor tips 3, 5, 8 mm diam.
• Software BIO-CIS2 included to display force curves and transfer data under MS Excel data sheet
• RS-232-USB cable to plug it to a laptop under Windows OS
• USB footswitch to reset the display hand-free

icone-opt.gifNew system! AlgoKit

AlgoKit Algometer, by Bioseb

You may consider our new ALGOKIT package to expand the scope of your possibilities. In order to offer an answer to all your requests regarding different situations of pain measurement, Bioseb is proud to present an innovative, complete solution combining our Static Weight Bearing, including its state-of-the art touchscreen, color console, with up to 3 sensors to be chosen among our Electronic Von Frey, Rodent Pincher and Small animal Algometer, all connected to one unique Control Unit.

• Flexible instrument when a quantitative sensory testing (QST) is needed
• Compatible with our BIO-CIS2 software to improve repeatability in nociceptive testing


Data sheet

Data output
to PC via RS232-USB and BIO-CIS2 dedicated software.
Power supply
from the Main or using the embedded rechargeable battery (8 hours)
0 to 1500 grams (15 N)
0.1 gram or 0.01 N
3, 5 or 8 mm - Stainless steel
Arthritis & Osteoarthritis
Cross-disciplinary subjects
General Activity
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Download the documentation on the SMALGO: SMall animal ALGOmeter - Wireless

Bioseb - SMALGO - Download PDF

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