Grip strength test

Reference : BIO-GS4

An easy way to objectively quantify the muscular strength of mice and rats, and to assess the effect of drugs, toxins, muscular (i.e. myopathy) and neurodegenerative diseases on muscular degeneration. It is widely used in conjunction with the ROTAROD motor coordination test: a normally coordinated rodent will show a decreased latency to fall off the rotating rod if its muscular strength is low. The Grip Strength Test is a must for your research on activity, motor control & coordination, and is particularly well suited for studies on Parkinson's & Huntington's disease.

New features GS4 - 2023: Color display with permanent backlight screen for easier reading, reset by footswitch, Improved battery time, Larger data memory of 500 values, Animal counter, USB port (charging/data transfer)


Bioseb Grip Test for Rodents (rats and mice): close-up

Grip Test: Mouse on the grid

icone-pres.gif Presentation

BIOSEB's Grip Strength Test allows the study of neuromuscular functions by determining the maximal peak force developed by a rodent (rat or mouse) when the operator tries to pull it out of a specially designed grid or bar, which are available for both fore and hind limbs. The Grip Test has been documented in numerous literature, and is included in the Functional Observational Battery (FOB) to screen for neurobehavioral toxicity. In this context, changes in grip strength peak values of rodents (rats or mice) are interpreted as evidence of motor neurotoxicity.

This force assessment is widely used in conjunction with the ROTAROD motor coordination test, since a normally coordinated rodent will show a low score if its muscular strength is low.

The current Grip Strength Test apparatus is the third version based on Bioseb's methodology. The first version was developed in 1999, and Bioseb's Grip Strength Test now counts hundreds of users around the world !

Numerous researchers are using our instrument for their work on CNS (Central Nervous System) disorders, neuromuscular investigation and drug assessment, among which:
Institut Clinique de la Souris (ICS), Strasbourg, France
MRC Harwell Internation Center for Mouse Genetics, Oxford, United Kingdom

icone-feat.gif GS4 2023: New features

• The new Color display with permanent backlight screen allows easier reading
• A footswitch is available for hand-free reset (tare function)
• Improved battery time
• Larger data memory of 500 values
• Animal counter: new feature to help customers who need a fixed number of measurements per animal

icone-oper.gif Operating principle

Bioseb’s Grip Strength Test for mice and rats is simple to operate : the grip strength meter is positioned horizontally and the subjects are held by the tail and lowered towards the apparatus. The animals (rat or mouse) are allowed to grab the metal grid or triangular pull bar and are then pulled backwards in the horizontal plane. The force applied to the grid or to the bar just before it loses grip is recorded as the peak tension.

The measurement is accomplished using a highly accurate sensor (same sensor for rats and mice) and an electronic device offering a sampling rate of 1000 Hz. This ensures that the maximum force is perfectly captured and displayed, even for short and low force peaks - this is especially useful when grip testing mice.

Measurements can be recorded and displayed in grams, newtons, or lbs. The unit is directly selected on the keyboard. Data output is available through a USB port. Individual measurements (up to 500) are stored in an internal memory, and can be downloaded after the experiment.


Data sheet

Data output
Dimensions - Animal container
Grid for mice : 100 x 160 mm, angle 30°
Dimensions - Overall
400x180x200 mm
Internal memory
500 individual values
Power supply
Power adaptor (100-240 V) or battery
0 - 2500g (25N)
0.1 g
Sampling rate
1000 Hz
Arthritis & Osteoarthritis
Central Nervous System (CNS)
Cognitive performance
Cross-disciplinary subjects
Mood Disorders
Motor Control
Muscular System
Sensory system
0.1 % of full scale
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Download the documentation on the Grip strength test

BIOSEB-GripStrengthTest-GS4 - Download PDF

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