Electronic Von Frey - Wireless

Reference : BIO-EVF-WRS

A quick solution to determine the mechanical sensitivity threshold in rodents (mice and rats). Now wireless, to be free from annoying cables!

This precise and easy-to-use electronic instrument is a must-have reference for your research in analgesia, nociception, neuro-pathologies and post-operative pain.

Instrument for ratsInstrument for mice


16 years of experience in developing instrumentation for the Von-Frey test allows Bioseb to offer a new standard for mechanical sensitivity threshold measurment in rodents (mice and rats).

The Electronic Von Frey was designed to improve results quality and facilitate measurements compared to classical Von Frey filaments, which require several stimulations for each measurement, thus inducing stress in the animals. Our Electronic version determines the mechanical sensitivity in one single measurement.

The measured value is assessed with a resolution of 0.1 grams with a high-precision sensor which reduces the experimentation duration while improving repeatability between series. Results are shown on a large backlit display. The electronic instrument is not subjected to any temperature or hygrometry drift.

The extended measurement range enables you to use the same instrument for different species (rats, mice, humans, etc.).

The latest version of the Electronic Von Frey includes a new, entirely redesigned stimulator handle for an easier and more balanced manipulation. Thanks to the increased comfort, operator fatigue and tension are notably reduced during experimental sessions involving large series of animals. A new, more accurate and rigid sensor is embedded in the handle to decrease sensitivity to the operator's movements.

icone-oper.gif Operating principles

Our Electronic Von Frey is built around a display unit connected to a stimulator handle. A foot switch is also provided for resetting the measurement, as well as a box of 10 interchangeable plastic tips.

The operator uses the handle to stimulate the target zone with the dedicated tips.

• Stimulation under the rodent's paw:

Stimulation is usually applied on the rodent's hind paws. The paw's withdrawal following the mechanical stimulation is recorded as a response to the stimulus. The maximum force applied with the instrument, which corresponds to the necessary value for the paw's withdrawal, is saved into the system's memory and displayed on the electronic screen of the Electronic Von Frey unit with a resolution of 0.1 g. Different tips are used for rats (hard plastic) and mice (soft tips).

• Specific application for human patients :

The instrument version dedicated to human subjects is supplied with a 'patient button' allowing the patient under stimulation to freeze the measurement himself on the screen once the desired threshold (either sensitivity or pain) is reached.

icone-opt.gifNEW: Wireless

A full range of devices, including the Electronic Von Frey now feature our new Wireless technology: thanks to the wireless transmitter on the operator’s wrist, there is no more cable between the electronic unit with the display and the sensors.

This new, wireless technology offers numerous advantages:
• Improved User range of motion : free from annoying cables !
• Flexible setup within the lab : Design your behavior room with fewer limitations
• Get rid of the physical constraints: Focus on your experiment only !

icone-opt.gifA few options for easier operations

• A patient switch allows to freeze the displayed value when the threshold is reached for human applications
• An RS232 interface allows to transfer the displayed value on to a computer
• Our BIO-CIS2 software allows to write directly on EXCEL7 the value measured (PC with Windows 7 or higher) thus you avoid transcription errors, and get instant report

icone-supplied.gifSupplied with

• 1 transportation case
• 1 foot switch for hand-free resetting of the test
• 10 disposable measurement tips of 0,5 mm diameter
• 1 spring tip for thresholds of 0-10 grams
• Optional: 'patient button' for use on human subjects. Click here to know more about the patient switch for the Electronic Von Frey!

icone-opt.gifNew system! AlgoKit

AlgoKit Algometer, by Bioseb

You may consider our new ALGOKIT package to expand the scope of your possibilities. In order to offer an answer to all your requests regarding different situations of pain measurement, Bioseb is proud to present an innovative, complete solution combining our Static Weight Bearing, including its state-of-the art touchscreen, color console, with up to 3 sensors to be chosen among our Electronic Von Frey, Rodent Pincher and Small animal Algometer, all connected to one unique Control Unit.

• Flexible instrument when a quantitative sensory testing (QST) is needed
• Compatible with our BIO-CIS2 software to improve repeatability in nociceptive testing


Data sheet

Internal memory
up to 100 values
Power supply
220-240 V (other voltages on request)
0 to 500 grams (5N)
Arthritis & Osteoarthritis
Central Nervous System (CNS)
Cognitive performance
Cross-disciplinary subjects
General Activity
Mood Disorders
Sensory system
+/-0.25% of full scale ( +/- 1,25g)
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Download the documentation on the Electronic Von Frey - Wireless

Bioseb - EVF Patient Switch - Download PDF

BIOSEB-EVF-2023 - Download PDF

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