Automatic Ladder Test


Fully automated instrument for sophisticated detection and analysis of foot faults on the horizontal ladder test for investigation of walking disorders, motor coordination and motor learning. BIOSEB innovated the traditional foot misplacement instrument with synchronized beam break and video detection to assign errors with anatomic precision.

Instrument for ratsInstrument for mice


A horizontal ladder test is commonly used to assess the walking capability of mice and rats, and their motor-function using both forelimbs and hindlimbs in a coordinated pattern.

Applications in neurodegenerative studies, as well as Spinal cord injury, osteoarthritis and ischemia/stroke models are increasing. To achieve research goals, investigators are in need of accurate instruments that precisely measure loss or gain of function in compromised animals and during recovery.

With the Automatic BIO-LADDERTEST, Bioseb now offers the perfect tool to measure rodent walking skills in an automatic way!

Based on our existing Foot-Misplacement Apparatus, the Automatic Ladder Test packages easy-to-use software, video tracking camera, and a comfortable elevated frame with the enclosed adaptive ladder for the most sensitive and comprehensive solution for evaluating skilled walking in mice and rats.

icone-oper.gifOperating principles

The horizontal ladder is constructed of a Plexiglas corridor with removable plastic rungs that are inserted with a regular spacing to create a floor. The purpose of the test is to access the foot “faults” (misplacement of the limbs between 2 rungs) made by the animal while traversing the corridor. Animals with regular/skilled motor function will place their paws on each rung, while subjects with coordination or motor impairments will make faults.

In order to automatically identify and anatomically assign the faults, the system combines 2 distinctive technologies :
More than 150 Infrared detectors located along the corridor, coincident with each ladder rung position, identify every fault instance
High speed Video tracking using an under mount camera detects the exact paw that made each fault

The ladder is provided with a regular rung pattern appropriately scaled for mouse or rat respectively. Rungs may be removed to create an irregular pattern to avoiding training bias, increase the difficulty of the task (create traps) or assess learning and memory.

icone-supplied.gifSupplied with

• High speed camera
• Specific frame support for corridor and under mount camera
• Dedicated software license
• The Ladder test is also fully compatible with the standard Foot Misplacement Apparatus (FMA)


Data sheet

Camera resolution
HD USB CMOS 2048 x 1536, 120 img/s + Lens F1.6, 4.4-11mm
Dimensions - Overall
1360 (H) x 2238 (W) x 405 (D) mm
Corridor depth - 10 cm (Rats) / 6 cm (Mice)
Space between rungs - Rats : 3 cm ; Mice : 1 cm
Power supply
Computer supplied via USB cable
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Download the documentation on the Automatic Ladder Test

Bioseb Ladder Test - Download PDF

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