Orders can be placed by mail, telephone or e-mail. They must include an order number, the exact product model, its description, the name (written in full) of the person signing the order, his or her function, and his or her telephone number to enable us to make contact if deemed necessary. Confirmation of Receipt of Order is forwarded to you email; it must be returned to us attached to an e-mail as a scanned document, signed by a person empowered to do so on behalf of the company. Such a person can also formally agree to our Conditions of Sales by sending us an e-mail acknowledging the terms of the order. The minimum order amount that we accept is € 45 excl of VAT. Do not add VAT to your order, unless delivery has to be done in France.

Delivery and Transport Costs

All orders are the object of Confirmation of Receipt of Order, with the delivery lead times. The usual lead time is 24 hours to 15 days. Delay in delivery cannot justify a cancellation of order or any penalties, excepted for public works contracts. The delivery lead times shown on the Confirmation of Receipt of Order are given on the basis of acceptance by return of email within 24 hours. We make partial deliveries, unless the customer states otherwise in the order. Delivery costs are due for each order - the amount of these delivery costs is always mentioned on our Receipt of Order. The cost of “Express” deliveries is invoiced over and above these amounts.


Payments are received exclusively through bank transfer or credit card (you can download our bank information here) with all bank costs charged on customer account. No discount for payments in advance or on delivery. First orders and new accounts to be paid in advance of delivery. Public organisations (research and education) with traceable credit rating are granted a 30 days (net from invoicing date) credit for the next orders. For such cases a postal order complete with all duly authorised signatures needs to have been received.
Late payments will be automatically charged with an interest rate of 2% per month.

Prices, Discount and Conditions, Returned Goods

The prices shown are excluded of VAT and Net. They are based on the currency exchange rate that may be mentioned on the estimate and could be adjusted without notification if the variation of the exchange rate exceeds +-2% at the time of the order confirmation. We provide order acknowledgements upon receipt of your order. All orders thus confirmed are delivered at the price shown. The packages must be checked carefully on receipt. Express detailed reservations to the carrying company immediately if necessary:
- Take a picture of the damaged package
- Refuse the delivery if you have any doubt about the condition of the instrument inside.

If the buyer observes a non-compliance of the order (the reference item is not the one ordered, a missing reference, …) or a defective product, the claim must be received no later than 48 hours after receiving the package and before using the equipment. If the problem is proven to be on BIOSEB side, the buyer will have the opportunity to claim the missing part or replacement of the defective item. A credit note will be established if the goods are no longer available. Any claim notified later than 48 hours is worthless. Returns must be made with a RAM provided by BIOSEB and clearly mentioned on the package.

If the goods correctly delivered /supplied, do not fit the buyer (size problem, not adapted use…), a claim needs to be placed to get an agreement and a return number (RMA). The return will be made at the buyer’s expense but will not be reimbursed. We will edit a credit note minus the restocking fees, if applicable. The restocking fee is usually of 20% of the price mentioned on the invoice ex-taxes, excluding shipping costs.
The instrument in question must be standard and absolutely brand new in its original packaging.

Any product which final use is to be used with animals must be certified as decontaminated before returning. Shipping costs for returning goods are on buyer’s side. When an order results in a customization (customised ear tags for example), or when it concerns a service such as calibration or any service performed on a product identified by its serial number, it cannot result in a repayment, exchange or return.


All our instruments are guaranteed for 12 months as from the date of delivery, except for the consequences of normal wear and tear on parts, negligence, incorrect installation or misuse. The guarantee does not cover spare parts or parts considered as consumables in the field, such as batteries, electrodes, cells, thermocouples, fuses, etc. The costs of carriage must be borne by the customer. After these 12 months, Bioseb can provide repair services for you, and it will forward an estimate to you prior to carrying out the work. Bioseb has at its disposal a calibration department whose procedures have been certified in accordance with BS EN ISO 9002 and equipment covered by a COFRAC/UKAS/NIST traceability system.

Reservation of Title Clause

Bioseb retains title to the goods until receipt of full payment. Competent court: Salon de Provence.

Information Liability Disclaimer


Information published on this Web Site as well as services, product specifications, availability and prices are subject to change without notice. BIOSEB may also make improvements and/or changes in the products and/or the programs described in this Web Site at any time without notice.

BIOSEB has made reasonable efforts to verify that the information in this Web site was accurate when first published. Such information may contain errors or omissions, however, and it is subject to change without notice. Bioseb does not undertake to update this information to include any such changes or to correct errors or omissions. Bioseb assumes no responsibility for any use of the information in this Web site or for any infringement of patents or other rights of third parties that may result. Certain information may be country-specific and may not apply in all countries.