OXYLET- Indirect Calorimeter

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The OXYLET system - Physiocage is a modular system allowing the integration
of respiratory metabolism (O2 consumption / CO2 production),
food & drink intake, activity and rearing measurements
in specifically adapted home cages in rodents.


Respiratory metabolism is evaluated by means of indirect calorimetry an optimized system for studies on laboratory rodents (mice and rats).

icone-oper.gifOperating principle

Food drink intake and activity are evaluated using a weight transducer technology. This technology allows the continuous assessment of the animal food and drink consumption as well as spontaneous activity with highest accuracy and stability.
Rearing assessment requires simply an additional InfraRed (IR) frame connected to the system. The modular design provides easily expandability for any of the options of the system.
The researcher can select only those components of initial interest... but with the flexibility of adding others at a later date.

Special Oxylet configurations are available for performing calorimetry studies with rat neonates or during treadmill experiments.

Modular Physiocage Complete System.jpgModular Physiocage for rat (complete) View 2.jpg

One of the main innovation of the OXYLET system is that to give an accurate measure it does not need the traditionnal air drying units or dessicant columns that can be found in older technology systems. Another strong point is the use of high sensitive sensors with a very fast response time for both O2 and CO2 measures.
Standard airtight cages enable to follow up rodent metabolism for several hours. Airtight Home cages are suggested with food and drink distributors when several days studies have to be performed.


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