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Reference : BIO-RP-WRS

A fast and accurate algometer based on an instrumented pincher as an alternative to the Randall-Selitto test: This new analgesia meter developed by Bioseb following Luis-Delgado et al. (2005) allows accurate nociceptive tests to measure mechanical pain threshold on rat or mouse limbs with minimal constraint. Now wireless, to be free from annoying cables!

Instrument for ratsInstrument for mice


Changes of the nociceptive hind paw threshold induced by morphineBioseb's 'Rodent Pincher' algometer allows calibrated forceps to induce quantifiable mechanical stimulation in the animal (rats or mice) on a linear scale. The most suitable protocol was experimented by determining the effects of 3 repetitive measurements on the 2 hindpaws, respectively over long-term (9 days), mid-term (1 day) and short-term (2 hours). It was primarily developed as an analgesimeter/algometer (analgesia measurement instrument) for nociceptive tests. In this specific use, the Rodents Pincher not only represents an alternative to the 'RANDALL & SELITTO' test - but also presents the following advantages when compared to the classical test:
• More ethical handling, less stressful for the animal (rat or mouse) resulting in less variable measurements
• Faster measurement, less traumatic for the tissues
• Digital measurement with metrological traceability

Furthermore, this pincher-based analgesia meter can also be used for other applications that require a controlled force or pressures values, for example :
• Sensitivity recovery after nerve crush: pinching is applied at several places over the paw to see the sensitivity recovery
• Mechanical injuries for thrombotic models
• Mechanical stimulation for in vivo electrophysiological recordings using the possibility to trigger recording on force thresholds

Comparative studies (including comparative tests with the Randall & Sellito analgesimeter) have demonstrated the accuracy of this pincher-based algometer for easy, fast and reproducible measurement of mechanical pain threshold on rat limbs. Moreover, it allowed to perform rat analagesia testing with minimal constraint, which reduces data variability.

BIO-RP_A.jpgBIO-RP_B.jpgOne of these experimental research works was carried out by the team of Prof. Poisbeau in the 'Nociception & Pain' department of the 'Institut des Neurosciences Cellulaires et Intégratives' (Université Louis pasteur) in Strasbourg.

This work was described in two articles published in December 2005 in international reviews with a controlling committee:

Validation method :
Calibrated Forceps: A Sensitive and Reliable Tool for Pain and Analgesia Studies, by Luis-Delgado et al. in The Journal of pain, December 2005

Scientific work :
Inflammatory Pain Upregulates Spinal Inhibition via Endogenous Neurosteroid Production, by P. Poisbeau et al. in The Journal of neuroscience, December 2005

Click on the title of one of the articles to send a request to download the PDF file

icone-oper.gifOperating principle

BiosebBiosebThe pressure is applied in the 'inter-digital' region. When used on the rat the pressure can also be applied to the tail. The instrument displays the force (in grams, newton, oz, lbs) at which the animal reacts and reports the nociception threshold.

Individual pain threshold measurements (up to 100) are stored in the internal memory, and can be downloaded post experiment. Recently an embedded statistical computation has been included in the electronic device of the algometer. This is a very useful feature that as been very well received and used by users of large numbers of tests. The display shows in real time the mean, standard deviation and variation coefficient from groups of animals (rats or mice). This feature also allows the user to cancel any analgesia test incorrectly performed.

icone-opt.gifNEW: Wireless

A full range of devices, including the Rodent Pincher now feature our new Wireless technology: thanks to the wireless transmitter on the operator’s wrist, there is no more cable between the electronic unit with the display and the sensors.

This new, wireless technology offers numerous advantages:
• Improved User range of motion : free from annoying cables !
• Flexible setup within the lab : Design your behavior room with fewer limitations
• Get rid of the physical constraints: Focus on your experiment only !


• Our optional BIO-CIS2 software for Windows sends directly the displayed values in an Excel (MS) sheet. This allows the user direct access to a ready report and options for further analysis, without any re-copy error. Supplied with an RS232 cable.
• External pod to display a led light or produce a sound when reaching a preset threshold of force.
• Analog output and cable
• TTL output
• Additional sensor tests : our Electronic Von Frey probe, Small Animal Algometer come with their own calibration modules that are recognized by the electronic unit.

icone-opt.gifSupplied with

• Bench control unit (batteries and main power supply)
• One rat or mice pincher, capacity 2000 grs
• Carrying case
• Footswitch for zeroing the force and having the hands 'free'
• RS232 output
• User manual

icone-opt.gifNew system! AlgoKit

AlgoKit Algometer, by Bioseb

You may consider our new ALGOKIT package to expand the scope of your possibilities. In order to offer an answer to all your requests regarding different situations of pain measurement, Bioseb is proud to present an innovative, complete solution combining our Static Weight Bearing, including its state-of-the art touchscreen, color console, with up to 3 sensors to be chosen among our Electronic Von Frey, Rodent Pincher and Small animal Algometer, all connected to one unique Control Unit.

• Flexible instrument when a quantitative sensory testing (QST) is needed
• Compatible with our BIO-CIS2 software to improve repeatability in nociceptive testing


Data sheet

Data output
RS232 for PC
Number of animals
Individual rat or mouse (2 different pinchers)
Power supply
Battery powered, this instrument is autonomous. Possibility of using a 220V/110V 50hz/60hz adapter
0 to 2000 grams
0.1 gram or 0.001 N
Arthritis & Osteoarthritis
Central Nervous System (CNS)
Cross-disciplinary subjects
Mood Disorders
Sensory system
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